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Ana Laura Igai
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello! I'm Ana Laura, a wayward victorian girl from São Paulo, Brazil. OH YEAH.
I love drawing, joking around, writing, reading and playing videogames, but my biggest love is for music. And surely, fangirling.
I hate most sports, bad music, copycats, bad books, stupid people and furniture stores.
My friends call me a loli. I have nosebleeds most times.
Got this from :iconmisscheeseycake: , because I love these quizzes and I haven't been very active here lately :c

[X] Compliments make you embarrassed or awkward and you always turn them down 
[ ] You are very nice but very stubborn
[ ] You always deny your love but you blush effectively around your crush
[X] You get embarrassed easily
[ ] You put up a tough front but are very sensitive on the inside
[ ] You tease and bully the one you love to hide your feelings
[/] You have trouble complimenting others
[X] You never ask for help even when you need it the most
[X] You never cry in front of others
[ ] You are caring but deny it when someone tells you so
[ ] You hurt people frequently only to regret it instantly
[ ] You always act like you hate the person you love
[/] If somebody bugs you, you tell them but are afraid you may have hurt their feelings

Total: 5

[X] You're quite obsessive
[ ] You have a strong urge to physically and verbally harm anybody that is talking to your lover or crush
[X] You can get very violent
[X] You like creepy or twisted songs
[X] You like dark colors
[ ] You have the urge to murder everybody you hate
[ ] Everyone that is not your friend you consider an enemy
[ ] You never let anyone near your crush or lover
[XXXXX] You have stalkerish tendencies
[ ] You like the color red because it reminds you of blood
[ ] You'd literally kill for the one you love
[ ] Everybody who you don't know seems to be a great nuisance
[/] You smile, even when saying something harsh

Total : 5.5

[X] You hide your true feelings
[X] You are rather silent than loud
[/] Your are cynical
[/] You choose wisely
[ ] You choose your friends wisely (Be honest)
[ ] You tend to be very blunt
[/] You know who to trust and who not to
[/] You are quite mature
[ ] You're mysterious
[X] It takes a while for you to open up to new people
[X] You care for others, but normally don't show it
[ ] You aren't very good when it comes to comforting
[ ] You usually have a bored look on your face

Total: 6


[X] You are very shy
[X] You are quiet
[ ] You don't speak for yourself when you need to
[/] You look down rather than up when walking 
[/] You tend to blush excessively at the littlest things
[X] You hide yourself with your hair sometimes
[ ] You tend to shy away from your crush or even your friends
[ ] You speak quietly, afraid you might say something silly or stupid, or just plain weird
[X] You are afraid of meeting new people
[X] You don't have very many friends, but the ones you have you are grateful for
[/] You overwork yourself often
[X] You are a hard worker
[X] Your feelings are easily hurt, and when they are you try your best not to show it

Total: 8.5

[/] You have a large ego
[ ] You boast a lot
[ ] You tend to think that you are the epitome of perfection
[ ] You are god in your eyes
[ ]  The dere part is stored away
[X] You tend to think more about you well being more than others
[ ] You are mean to the people who you think is better than you or lower than you
[ ] You normally don't take things for granted
[ ] You are very conceited and selfish
[ ] You don't think twice about your actions
[ ] You don't apologize often
[ ] You are rude
[X] You have the tendency to sneer or look away from people you dislike

Total: 2.5

[X] You are very sweet
[X] You are affectionate
[X] You are loving
[ ] You don't hold a grudge for long
[/] You are good at comforting
[/] You think more about others than yourself
[X] You have a 'moe' side
[/] You are quite happy go lucky
[ ] You pout a lot
[X] You are very much like a shots (loli plz)
[X] You are caring 
[X] You are sweet to almost everyone
[/] You are a generally good person to be around with

Total: 8.5

[X] You refer to yourself as a princess or prince
[ ] You act as if you are royal
[ ] You boss others around
[/] You look innocent, but are very bossy and egotistical inside
[ ] You like to be the center of attention
[ ] As to the previous, when you are not the center of attention, you tend to get mad or frustrated
[ ] You act and think highly of yourself
[ ] You are constantly telling others what to do and giving them orders for your own well being
[ ] You are commanding
[X] You aspire to be royal, rich, and famous 
[ ] As to the previous, you act royal, rich, and famous
[X] You have the tendency to bring a mirror around with you everywhere you go
[ ] You tell others to treat you with 'respect' when you don't even give them any in return

Total: 3.5

You are: Deredere/Dandere

How many did you mark 'x' in Tsundere? : 4
Yandere? : 5.5
Kamidere? : 2.5
Himedere? : 3.5
Kuudere? : 6
Deredere? : 8.5
Dandere? : 8.5
  • Mood: Longing
  • Listening to: I Am The Best - 2NE1
  • Reading: HOMESTUCK
  • Watching: Utapri/Lucky Star/Haruhi
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: banana
  • Drinking: water is my waifu

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